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Heaven beside you (CasxReader)
Request: May I request a reader x cas fic where cas keeps invading the reader’s personal space?
Name:  Heaven beside you
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Castiel x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Words: 1.628
Warnings:  none
(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname 
So, if we can´t shoot it, what do we do then? “ You sighed hard and rubbed over your eyes in exhaustion, while Dean next to you just shrugged his shoulders and took another sip of his beer. You threw a glance at Sam who was similar exhausted, his eyes red of staring at the laptop monitor in front of him too long. You had been hunting this…whatever it was, since three days now. So far you only figured out that this thing was very rude, not interested in talking instead of fighting…and did not like it when you shot it. So it came that the three of you were sitting in your mot
:iconfallenrichardbrook:FallenRichardBrook 136 10
Frazzled wings (Balthazar x reader)
Frazzled wings (Balthazar x reader)
You sat alone in your apartment reading a magazine with one bare foot on the class top coffee table while the other sat up on the couch with your knee curled to your chest. It had been a good week for your dealing business; you’d managed to procure a rare medallion for a very grateful hunter and even got a bonus artefact in return to add to your collection. You decided to treat yourself to a relaxing evening of reading your favourite tabloids on the strange, weird or bizarre when a flutter of wings caught your attention mainly cause there was only ever one person who made that sound.
“Balthazar…” You sighed looking over the magazine
“Well don’t sound so thrilled to see me” Balthazar stated with a fake hurt look.
For some reason that you had yet to figure out the angel had been dropping in on you ever since he met during one of your expeditions. Balthazar wasn’t half bad looking but he was a womanizer,
:icondrade666:drade666 419 24
Watching out the new Dean :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 977 58 SPN: Baby Cas :iconsekra:Sekra 1,223 116
Spider (BalthazarXReader)
The bunker was quiet. Sam was reading up on ancient curses and Dean was eating pie in his room listening to AC/DC. You were lounging on the couch lazily reading a book -50 shades of Grey- while thinking about a certain French angel. The silence was ruined by that certain angel calling you on your phone.
"Yello?" You answered still reading.
"Get to my apartment ASAP!" Balthazar demanded in his kitchen.
"I am not participating in a menage a trois so stop asking" You rolled your eyes.
"Not for that. I need your assistance so get over here now! It's an emergency!" Balthazar replied glancing towards his living room. 
"It'll take a few hours to get there" You pointed out thinking about driving.
"Just.....Hurry. And bring a flamethrower and several guns" Balthazar ordered slowly walking into his living room only to let out a high pitched shriek.
"Balthazar? Whats wrong?" You asked sitting up.
"HELL IS IN MY LIVING ROOM!" Balthazar yelled diving back into the kitchen. You hung up and left
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 260 37
Cas vs Meg SPOILERS :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 1,232 691 Cas vs Porn :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 1,672 913 SPN 6x17 - SPOILERS :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 837 294 Cas: P and S Transformation :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 978 516
Crowstiel: The First, and Possibly Last, Kisses
   "Hey Castiel, where ever you are. I've never really done this before, so I don't know how it works." Crowley looked up to the sky. Once, he had seen Dean call for Castiel. He asked Sam about it and he told him if they ever needed Cas, all they have to do is ask for him.
   "I'm going through some really hard times right now," Crowley continued, "and I need you. I know you're out there, somewhere. So help me out. I really need you right now."  Crowley looked down and waited to see if it worked. After about a minute, he sat down on a rock, saddened.
   Crowley jumped at the sound of his name being said behind him. He turned around and saw Cas standing there.
   "Good God, Cas." He said. "Don't do that to me."
   "Why did you need me?" Cas asked.
   "What?" Crowley asked, confused.
   "You called for me." Cas said. "You said you needed me. I'm here. Why am I here instead of watching footb
:iconpsychpsych-o:PsychPsych-o 9 24
Headache page5 :iconturtletamer42:Turtletamer42 267 50
Mature content
Headache page4 :iconturtletamer42:Turtletamer42 199 30
Headache page3 :iconturtletamer42:Turtletamer42 241 16 Headache page2 :iconturtletamer42:Turtletamer42 260 17 Headache page1 :iconturtletamer42:Turtletamer42 334 13 Slash-FrostIron fan comic - ENDLESS LOOP :iconalexzoe:alexzoe 1,547 264


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